Slickote® Teflon Coating

Slickote PTFE 100
Anti-Stick Coating
Mil-A-63576 Ty3





Slickote PTFE100 Anti-Stick Teflon Coating

Teflon Anodize Seal, Mil-A-63576 Ty3 (Teflon Impregnation Seal)
Parts are anodized and then sealed with a thin coating of teflon.
Casting aluminum has a better appearance, similar to alloy aluminum parts. Provides > 1000 hrs salt spray protection (336 hr without teflon seal)

Cure: 300 deg F / 1 Hr
Black, Clear, Silver, Custom Color
Meets MIL-A-63576 Ty 3 Teflon Impregnation,
Anodize Seal (>1000 Hrs Salt Spray Resistance